Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Verbal Regurgitation

We say the silliest stuff. We mimic things others say without thinking about whether we agree with them or not. Verbal regurgitation - it would be humorous if it wasn't laced with bile.

Below are favorite sayings of the last few decades of our country followed by what a vast majority of those who use these phrases mean, although they would never admit to it. And unfortunately, too many of these are people of influence who decide policy for our country and in our churches.

Trickle down economics
Trust the rich to take care of the poor

Support our Troops
because American lives are more valuable than the lives of foreigners

Immigration Reform
We were here first (wait for it)

Take America Back For God
Let's legislate morality

Protestant Work Ethic
Working hard entitles me to comfort and safety

Prostitution is a victimless crime
I don't know any prostitutes personally

All paths lead to God
I'm too much of a coward to have any personal convictions

My Church is the Outdoors
I don't value worshipping God with my friends

The Holy Spirit is my Pastor
I have trouble submitting to authority

God is in Control
Here, chew on a Bible verse cause I don't care enough to cry with you

The Sanctity of Marriage
We heterosexuals can't stay married and we don't want you homosexuals to show us up

If you can think of others please feel free to chime in. I know that many people use these phrases after much thought and that they are authentic expressions of what they believe. I am not commenting on this thoughtful expression, rather I hope to rile a few people who throw these and other phrases around without thinking about what they actually mean.

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