Thursday, November 5, 2009

I recently shot an e-mail out to a bunch of my friends to start a conversation about how we know what God is like. Obviously, for you to care about this conversation you have to believe or at least suspect that their is a God. It seems like an obvious question to me - "What is God like?"

Many of us have been handed our understanding of What God is like by parents or pastors and I am not sure it is common to check up on these authority figures - however I do think it's quite healthy to do so.

So to start this conversation let me begin by asking three questions.

1. Are there different kinds of revelation of what God is like or are all sources equally authoritative?

2. If one were to accept Jesus' assertion that if you have seen Jesus you have seen the Father, does this promote the historical record of the life of Jesus to the top spot of authority on what God is like?

3. If Jesus' life and teaching is the most authoritative revelation of what God is like does this mean that other Scripture takes a back seat as we have this discussion and if Jesus did not address a particular topic does this mean we are free to go to other Scripture for an answer, or is Jesus' silence significant?

I so want to be an accurate representation of Jesus in my community. He is the most amazing man ever to walk this earth and I love him dearly. It seems that there is a conversation we owe ourselves if we are to claim to be the body of Christ.

Just some stuff we should talk about.

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