Sunday, November 1, 2009

Like every person loosing their virginity I am sure that this entry (and exit) will be characterized by bad timing and a glaring lack of technique which will expose my ridiculous lack of experience in the blogging world. Never having done this before I simply want to inivite you into a conversation about stuff that everybody thinks about but very few people talk about honestly.

So here goes. If God is loving why is the world's perception of the Church generally so negative?

Does God hate stuff like terrorism, homosexuality, and abortion as much as we do? And if he does hate it - what exactly does that mean?

I've seen pictures of people picketting gay pride parades with signs that say "God hates fags". Does he?

I wonder about the zeal with which we are hunting down terrorists and the extent of the collateral damage that we are willing to live with as we "make the world safer". For who?

Dr. Tiller (an abortion doctor from Kansas?) was murdered and many (myself included) nursed the sentiment "Good, at least now he can't kill babies." Does this heart posture reflect the heart of God or has something distinctly not God crept into our hearts as we react toward evil in our world?

Just some stuff that we should talk about?

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